Local Products

To help support local businesses in the area we are now beginning to offer bespoke art and items from different sources and would encourage you to have a scroll down our website and see what we are currently offering for sale, these can be added on as an extra when you book your holiday, or you can just email us and we can sell the items without a holiday! The items we sell will change from time to time. Purchasing any of the below items will go a long way to help support the small businesses in their operation!


What are we offering at the moment?

Matt Fox is a local Snowdonia candle maker. He has made a selection of beautiful smelling homemade scented candles, they are made with ethical ingredients and are truly calming, Matt himself also leads a variety of guided meditations so he truly knows how to created a relaxed atmosphere! There are all £4.99 each and offers Vanilla, Lemon, Rose, Apple & Cinnamon, Lavender, Cafe Vanilla. See also Hidden Light Candles